Designers – to code or not to code

I've been working as a Digital Designer for three years now. I recently had a moment of realisation about my design process that allowed me to grow as a designer. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts and experiences on that realisation. It all stems back to my first year in the industry and making the decision not to learn how to code. 

Murder Podcasts

I've become addicted to murder podcasts in recent weeks. This is quite strange as I've always been super paranoid about murder and rape. That could be because I grew up in a delightful but strange suburb in Brisbane. My suburb occasionally contained naked (and high) humans sleeping on front porches. This isn't murder – but you get the idea.

Form Design – some useful links

I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to design forms and basically flat out improve a user's experience when interacting with anything I design. Bad forms are a pet hate of mine and I’m constantly wanting to improve on my form designs.

Alvey Reels – the name will live on

It’s really sad to hear that our family's business Alvey Reels is closing down. Although I didn't have quite the same connection with it as some of my cousins and family members, I was always really proud to know that an Australian icon was in my blood.

Being Creative – The Money Issue

I’m lacking some form of creative outlet, which really feels strange since I work in a creative field. I don’t really understand what type of creative outlet I’m missing or wanting, just that there’s something missing.