My name's Alice Moir and I'm a Digital Designer living in Melbourne but hailing from Brisbane. This is a place to let my brain hang free and voice anything I feel like. Enjoy.

Volume 4 of Casual Shit Talking

Volume 4 of Casual Shit Talking

Welcome to Volume Four of Casual Shit Talking. On this page you’ll find the undigested splatters from my brain – free for public consumption.

You might be thinking, “Why are you writing about random crap that no-one cares about?” And my friend, that’s a fair question. Although it’s not one I have an answer for – I just enjoy writing utter nonsense for an hour a week. Because why the fuck not, right?

On to my first nonsense topic for the week – the plastic bag ban. This is something I’m really glad came about, but I’m also really crap at it. I’m constantly forgetting to bring my own bags. The thing is – I’ll carry my goods out in my arms if I can, but not because I’m a tight arse (because I’m really not, I’m really good at paying too much for something). Because I am able to do so when I don’t buy many groceries. That’s the only reason why.

On the occasion that I can’t carry it out – I’m happy (but annoyed at myself for forgetting a bag) to buy a harder plastic bag. This is because I know that I won’t throw these out – or I will dispose of them in the right way. I would 100% prefer to pay for a bag when I forget one. Especially when the alternative is free bags for everyone – all the time. I don’t care that the money goes to multinationals, if this change will help our plastic problem.

Second topic – the Winter Slump. Yes, I capitalised ‘Winter Slump’ because apparently in Melbourne it is a ‘thing’ that happens to a lot of people – every winter. I don’t care if it’s grammatically incorrect to capitalise it, I already did it so can’t change it now… I’ve never experienced a Winter Slump before because I’m from Brisbane. We don’t have winter there, hence the non-slump lifestyle.

Last year, my first year in Melbourne was probably unique in the way that a cold winter was a novelty for me, and I enjoyed every second of it. This year, apparently that novelty has worn off and I’ve gotten into a Winter Slump and I’m seriously craving some of that Vitamin D.

My assumption as to why the slump happens is the shorter days and the minimal contact hours with actual sunlight, as Winter is Victoria’s storm season as well. Full of grey skies – 90% of the time. I mention this purely because Brisbane’s storm season is Summer, not Winter. So I’m very much used to lots of tropical storms when it’s hot – which is quite satisfying in comparison to rain and wind when it’s already 7 degrees. All of these things combined has put me into a weird state of mind, which I’m 75% out of now I would say – as I can see the end of Winter and have actively tried to soak up some rays whenever I get the chance.

The state of mind I’ve been in is really is quite odd – because you start to think everything in your day to day isn’t as great as you once thought it was. I was grumpy all the time and food didn’t even make me feel better. Food usually makes everything better. Spring could not come soon enough!

My third and final piece of nonsense for the time being is my new obsession with fruit. Obsession is probably a stretch, so maybe I’ll just say intrigue for now.

I’ve never been a big fruit eater, much to my dads distress. Not really sure why, because it’s actually quite delicious. My new obsession is less with eating it to the same degree as how it comes about. The layers of every different piece of fruit have really started to interest me. Mandarins seemed to spark this fascination, as I pulled away all the strands of white that sit on each piece of the fruit. The part of the mandarin I’m sure is the most nutritious for me.

It got me thinking about how fruit grows and develops the patterns they have. I’m sure there will be inspiration in this completely random thought one day. For now – it’s just making me eat more fruit, which can’t be a bad thing.

That’s most of my brain from the last few weeks on the page. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

Until next time, friend. Thanks for reading. 

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