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Volume 6 of Casual Shit Talking

Volume 6 of Casual Shit Talking

I’m hoping this is typical millennial problem, and not just an Alice problem. Instagram is addictive, and it’s opened our lives up to new ways of meeting people, interacting with people and if we’re being completely honest – stalking people.

Stalking can come in a range of different shapes and sizes. There’s the potential friend stalking, the idolisation stalking and then the classic crush stalking. It’s a crazy world we live in where we can meet someone IRL, and then find out with just a few clicks a fuck tonne about them.

This also opens up a grey area – where you know more about them than they’ve told you in person. Sometimes this might be a good thing, if you’re willing to let it slip that you’ve done a bit of a dig. In other cases, it could come across a bit strange. Or people don’t notice at all and this is a typical case of overthinking.

Is it weird to bring something up that they haven’t told you IRL? Am I just overthinking this? Or is it just how conversations begin these days? Because if they know you’ve stalked them or followed them on Instagram, then you ask them what they do for a living – is that not weirder? Because they know you know? There really needs to be a book on this shit.

Maybe because I’m constantly on socials + the internet for my job, I’m more inclined to stalk people that I meet. Because what you put out there into the world online is incredibly intriguing. Although, it’s hard to forget that it’s just the good stuff people put out online and it can be super easy to compare yourself to that. Which is an unfortunate side effect from the wonderful thing called the internet.

Did you know there’s blog articles out there that explain to you how to insta stalk and not get caught? Or confessions of people that have been caught instagram stalking or are just obsessed with doing it? Once again – the internet is a weird and wonderful place and I guarantee you can find people that are doing what you’re doing if you ever need moral support, with anything! Not just insta stalking.

Personally, I get into a weird inner panic of not knowing what to ask – incase I let slip that I’ve insta stalked someone. Which usually just ends up in me not saying anything at all, because five minutes have passed of me having a full on battle in my brain. So when I see the light at the end of that inner battle, I usually just say something stupid about “this place should probably have more toilets” or I just continue to hit myself in the face internally and nothing is ever said. Maybe that’s how I broke my nose, and not actually hitting it from a height on a halfpipe?

There’s probably not a whole lot more to say on the matter, this was just something that kept coming up in conversations which helped me realise that I’m not the only one that does it and it’s got to be more and more of a common thing in this day and age. I’m not sure if age is a factor with this, because I truly don’t understand what teenagers are doing on social media these days, they’re speaking a different language which is really concerning when I’m only 25. But on the other side, do 40+ year olds insta stalk as well? Is it only millenials? I don’t know.

My nephew was sending me ‘streaks’ on snapchat, which I obviously know what they are – because they’ve been around basically since the start of snapchat, but what I didn’t understand was what the point of maintaining a streak with someone was – if all you were sending was a black screen? Is it a game? The addictive need to keep a streak with someone? I honestly don’t understand it, and it makes me realise the amount of shit I must of been talking to my parents when I was 13-16.

Also, if this post makes close to no sense – it could be because I’m mildly concussed whilst writing it. But I assume that a concussion might actually help for casual shit talking, because rants are okay and they’re allowed to go off on tangents. Which I’m pretty sure this has.

The moral of the story – insta stalk to your heart's content, and then be as awkward as you need to be to live your life. We’re all human, no ones perfect, and being awkward is entertaining for the people around you, and probably for yourself when you look back on it in a months time. Fingers crossed! Happy stalking (please note: I don’t recommend stalking IRL – that’s too far mate, too far).

Volume 5 of Casual Shit Talking

Volume 5 of Casual Shit Talking