My name's Alice Moir and I'm a Digital Designer living in Melbourne but hailing from Brisbane. This is a place to let my brain hang free and voice anything I feel like. Enjoy.

Volume 2 of Casual Shit Talking

Volume 2 of Casual Shit Talking

Welcome to Volume Two of Casual Shit Talking.

In this volume, I'm going to express some random thoughts that came to mind throughout the last few weeks. Talk a bit of shit about them, then move on. So be warned – if you came here expecting anything other than shit talking, you're going to be disappointed. Saying that – the title of the post is 'Volume Two of Casual Shit Talking." So, if you're still shocked then I was never going to be able to save you.

My first through revolves around what dogs are thinking. I know, I've lost you. But that's fine – because I really need to mentally explore this thought more, and this is really the only time I had to do it, so here we go...

What do dogs think some of our normal day to day objects are? Like the shower, what do they think that is? Why do you take off your outside interchangeable fur that you seem to own a lot of, and then proceed to get into a cubicle of glass for a period of time? Like, what do they think we're doing? What goes through their head?! Adam also mentioned the other day about what goes through their minds when they get in a car – like, they are moving but it's not them moving themselves. How do they not freak the fuck out?

I could talk about this topic for days. So I'll stop while I'm ahead. I should also google this. I google everything else in my life. I'm sure it has all the info I need. It is pretty funny imaging the doggo's internal voice question everything their human does. I'm having a right old laugh (apparently I'm British now). "Friend friend, why are you watching tiny people in a rectangle? Friend friend, where's your bone?" I'll stop now before your bones crumble to dust reading this because it's been 1000 years. I digress.

My second thought is less entertaining, but mind fucking all the same. I call it the 'What If' game. This is a fun game my mind likes to play where it runs through all possible 'What If' scenarios that could of taken place or will possibly take place, about a particular thing that has happened in my life. For example: something I said to someone; something someone said to me; why is that person looking at me like that; what was that stranger doing pissing on the wall outside my work; how did his life lead to that wall pissing; what if I have an addictive personality and would become instantly addicted to illicit drugs if I tried them. Those types of fun 'What If' games.

I don't understand why my brain does it – is it curiosity? Does it like to live outside of actual reality for a few minutes? Saying that, those minutes are never at a convenient time. I find myself sitting there daydreaming about these 'What If' scenarios like a goldfish has taken over my brain.

My next thought is on unconscious bias. Something Adam and I recently talked about in our podcast (yeah, we're those dickheads with a podcast). I think it's easy to pretend we don't have any bias. I definitely wanted to believe that I didn't. But there's no way that I don't, unconscious or not. It's based on my upbringing, the neighbourhood I grew up in, the people I socialised with – I don't think they were necessarily sheltered, so maybe my bias isn't as bad as it could of been.

It does terrify my that there is so many people out there unaware that they have unconscious bias. Yet, they are using it to make decisions without even knowing it. Artificial Intelligence is meant to help with reducing unconscious bias. But guess how AI gets built? Humans. Apparently humans like to fuck shit up a lot, so fingers crossed we can build AI that genuinely does not have bias.

My last casual shit talking item is about art and people. I love art. My Mum loves art, my Dad loves art. My brother – not so much. I'm not really sure where the appreciation for it comes from. I just understand that I get a feeling when looking at something that was created to spark any form of emotion: anger, happiness, sadness etc.

I'll take you back to when Mitchell (my brother) took me to the Tate Modern in London, full well knowing it wasn't his thing (also @Mitchell – this isn't meant to be a talk shit at you moment, I'm just genuinely intrigued in how different minds take in the same thing).

Whilst I was there – blown away and in awe of some of these incredible pieces of work, so much so that I genuinely crave going back there when I think about it. Yet, Mitchell is there saying how he could make that sculpture, how he could make that artwork. The thing is – he didn't make them. This isn't the first person I've dragged to an art gallery where this has happened. It's just that art isn't connecting with them in a way that is creating an emotion. I don't understand it, but I'm intrigued as to why it happens, such polarising intakes to something.

This leads me vaguely to when you compare art and design. Art is created to spark emotion (in my opinion anyway), and design is used to help a user in some way. Whether that be to tell them a story, connect them with a brand, provide them useful information. Then if you take my previous example of how two people react completely differently to art in general and how they think it benefits the world, or even a piece of artwork itself – then designing anything, for a group of people is pretty hard really. Every person has unique biases or thoughts or opinions, and how are you meant to cover all bases in what you create? Can you really hit the nail on the head?

That went on a weird tangent, and I don't think I really answered any of my own questions. I guess that's kind of the point of casual shit talking.

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